Honda ST50M - American Dax parts

Rare ST50M - American Dax genuine parts

I completed my restoration of a Honda ST50M - American Dax. And got some rare genuine parts over if some one need.

The chrome isn’t in the greatest shape but the material is good enough to do a re-chrome or use as-is.

  1. Front fender (Screws not genuine)
    Parts nr: 61100-125 780
  2. Rear fender (Flap is for front fender. Screws not genuine)
    Parts nr: 80100-125-770
  3. Protector muffler
    Parts nr: 18360-125-771
  4. Air box cover (same as ST90)
    Parts nr: 17312-128-000XW
  5. Rear shocks
    Parts nr: 52400-125-771
  6. Footrest (small crack on one side)
    Parts nr: 50610-125-770

Condition: Used
Price in EUR: €250 or offer.

Fenders - 61100-125 780 + 80100-125-770

Protector muffler, exhaust sheild - 18360-125-771

Air box - 17312-128-000XW

Rear shocks - 52400-125-771

Footrest - 50610-125-770